Where are the calls for repentance?

Author: Tom The Revelator
Title: Where are the calls for repentance?
Plot: This message questions our response to the Coronavirus
Notes: Why are we leaning on vaccines and science to solve our problems?

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I listen to many online pastors and I have observed a noticeable gap in messages that promote repentance in response to this Coronavirus event. While some might argue that this is a rouse from the UN to enslave the world, or a government conspiracy, others fear for their lives. And ironically, at a time when everyone should fast, pray, have a day of Thanksgiving and call out to God. I hear more talk about vaccines and manmade solutions to a problem that could very well be a judgement event from God.

If Coronavirus is either the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse or a judgement event from God, then it stands to reason that vaccines won't work and pastors should be calling for repentance from the people. In this podcast I explain a few very important actions believers should take to turn this situation around at least on a personal level so that the angel of death will pass by your house. However, I have other messages equally important in this regard and you will find them in the Full Transcript of this message on my website.

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