Transcript - Ep 14 | "Incursion 0: The truth hidden in plain sight (on TV)"

Author: The Revelator
Title: Ep 14 | “The truth hidden in plain sight (on TV)“
Plot: The first in a series of podcast explaining one of the most fascinating periods of creations history
Notes: Having established that God rested for 1,000 years we consider what happened that day

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Hey, welcome back!

Before we dive in to today's message, which kicks off a series, there are some things that you need to know:

  1. First, I will not go in order because I refuse to be boring.
  2. Next, I am about to describe a period of history that is not documented anywhere in the Bible which produces the inevitable question: How then does he know this stuff? And how can I be sure he's right?
And so I begin with a story, designed to answer your questions:

I would imagine, that like me, you have found yourself reading a Bible passage that grabbed you. One you could not go let go of until you answered it completely. For me the passage was, "The last days will be like the days of Noah." When I read that, I thought, "But the Bible doesn't say what those days were like." And so I found myself obsessed and praying that God would answer my question. And on a subsequent Bible reading pass, I made a new observation. I noticed a reference to a book, and so I noted it. And by the time I finished that Bible reading pass, noting book references made by apostles and other Bible authors, I had written the names of scores of books that I then began reading.

And I noticed something about those books. They were compatible with the Bible. In fact they shed light on the Bible revealing mysteries and making certain things obvious abounding in treasures and revelations that I will always cherish — and share with you. And they too, had references to other books, by the way. And before I knew it I had assembled a picture of history that shocked and amazed me. One that though it wasn't told in the Bible, I could confirm with the Bible.

Perhaps one of the most shocking things about what I learned is that much of it I already knew. And you're about to arrive at the realization that you know much of it, too. Believe it not, we already know what the days of Noah were like, because the fallen angels have been keeping that memory alive, with the intention of resurrecting the days of Noah. Which means that much of this podcast will be an exercise in re-arranging or re-connecting dots, if you will, and blowing minds.

And so part of the result of my research was to come to an understanding of how and why I already knew these things, and then to re-order them in mind which produced fresh insights and new conclusions.

In my last podcast I believe I proved that it was not only possible, but likely that God rested for one thousand years. And so as you can imagine it was therefore necessary for him to commission angels to be messengers, watchers and educators. Today we have the Holy Spirit teaching us, and that is likely at least partially the case because the angels that God commissioned to educate mankind fell. What I can't say, because I don't know, is whether or not good angels still educate mankind today. But what I do know is that the Holy Spirit does that and fallen angels who were once commissioned to educate mankind are sill doing it. 

And they are extremely good at it. And They have honed their craft such that they can educate us without our knowledge. 

As you might expect they expertly use school, TV, movies, music, and in some cases friends, enemies, family, and even churches in order to educate us with the doctrine of demons. Since the holy spirit teaches us all things now, I am inclined to believe that the angelic mandate to educate us is obsolete, prompting the question: why then are they doing it?

This leads to a core piece of programming, that I believe that we all have. And that is to be remembered after we're gone.

That programming may not trigger when we're ten. But when we're thirty, forty, and fifty years old we experience that longing and it gets louder. And so I submit to you that the fallen angels have that in common with us. And in the case of Satan, even worshipped.

I am sure that you are familiar with Bible passages where some man fell down to worship an angel and he was rebuked by and told to worship God and him only. But other angels encouraged that behavior. And they keep their own memories alive.

Meaning that when you watch movies with characters like Thor, and Wonderwoman, believe it or not you are being educated about historical events using interesting, funny and exciting fiction as the delivery vehicle in order to keep the memory of the fallen ones alive. Of course I'm referring to fallen angels. And in particular the ones that descended on mount Herman and had sex with human females.

There is a movie called Transformers, the Revenge of the fallen. And yes, as you guessed it, that movie is a metaphor inspired by fallen angels to keep their story alive and in some cases to foreshadow how they want their story to end. Meaning that our best TV and movies are often inspired by spirits and angel educators who want to be remembered. Believe it or not. I'm not going to bother proving that in this podcast, but I assure you, I could spend months on the topic.

Similarly, history is replete with examples where God made a statement and the devil issued a formal press release reply, if you will. For example in Genesis 3, God said that Christ would crush the head of the serpent, but that the serpent would strike his heel. And so the devil issued a press release through his channels. Inventing the story of Achilles, a mighty warrior who couldn't be stopped until he was shot with an arrow in the heal.

Also in Scripture God equates Lucifer with the king of Tyre and he says that as he threw the king of Tyre to the ground and consumed him with flames, so will he do to Satan. And the devil's response to that was to invent the Phoenix the bird known for being consumed by flames and then resurrecting himself and rising from the ashes and living again.

And so our movies not only depict real historical events they also issue wishful thinking demonic prophecies and they bear titles, like the revenge of the fallon ones.

Therefore, you will discover that much of what I'm going to tell you, you already know. I'm not referring to this podcast specifically, but to the whole series. My job then becomes that of connecting dots and blowing minds.

The reason the last days will be like the days of Noah is because the Devil is planning to repeat what he did before. But the cost was so high last time, as you are about to discover, that when we see these things begin to emerge, it's a definite sign the last last days are upon us. The real last days!

This will not be like history class! 

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