Ep 16 | “Incursion 2: The second beast Swallows Up the First“

Author: The Revelator
Title: Ep 15 | “Incursion 2: The second beast Swallows Up the First“
Plot: Examining Revelation 17 & 18 in light of what we learned from Incursion 1
Notes: The second beast gives its power to the first to destroy the whore of Babylon

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Description: Due to the special connection between the future and the past (God telling us the end from the beginning), I am able to fill this part 2 message with a heavy dose of confirming Scriptures from Revelation 17 and 18 (to support my research).

In this episode we focus on the end-times, the judgement of the great prostitute who is seated on many waters and her relationship to Atlantis (the devil's levitating city).

It would seem that if we follow her around she will lead us to where all the trouble is.

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