Are we in the last days?

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: Are these the last days?
Plot: Kicks off my new podcast series on the last days
Notes: This episode addresses the practical questions where do I go and what do I buy?

Listen to "Are these the last days?" on Spreaker.

Perhaps you've heard about the 5.7 earthquake in Utah

This is a very practical podcast that is the kickoff for my new series on the last days.

It opens with the question: Are these the last days?

It then uses Scripture to reveal everything that will have value in the last days and gives you insight into where not to live.

It doesn't tell you how to feel, but I also do not play on your fears, and I cite the other resources I have that will enable you to arm yourself with wisdom so that you are not naked, exposed and overwhelmed by what might be coming.

For more information, visit my website because I have created a collection of last days podcasts from audio I have already made that you can find here -> 

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