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I recently read a book called The Prophets Manual that described me to a tee. In all fairness, the description isn't as flattering as it sounds. Prophets were gruff and offensive, often blurting out the truth with little concern for filtering. They preferred solitude to dwelling with the people, and didn't amass friends, so they could commune with God longer. From time to time someone rolled the dice and showed up on their doorstep. In most cases they were set free, healed, filled with life and ran away encouraged proclaiming the gospel to the world. In a few cases, they were rebuked, informed of impending disaster or even consumed by fire. And so you can imagine how popular the prophets were.

I never considered myself a prophet before, but the name Tom Prophet! has a ring to it don't you think?

Rebooting Christianity

If there is one thing that prophets were known for it was thinking outside the box. I did some outside the box thinking and made a few observations: I think our churches went off the rails decades ago and now I fear them more than ghettos or prisons. And so in my quest to right the wrongs of the past. I concluded that Christianity needs a reboot. And so I am here to put boot to ass and deliver it one. Whether it likes it or not.

To be clear: I do not have a problem with sinners. My aim is to search for and destroy the Pharisees who made a mess of God's kingdom. Meaning I'm about to throw the moneychangers a proper beating and expel them from the temple.

You may also know me as the Book Matrix. And under that name, I went on a quest to resurrect history from the beginning of time. This website is the result of that quest. However, I begin from a place of emptiness expecting God to fill it and I am as excited as anyone else for the journey and anxious to see the result.

Click here to give Christianity a reboot!

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