Thursday, April 30, 2020

Monday, April 27, 2020

Ep 05 | "The Beginning of Sorrows"

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: The Beginning of Sorrows
Plot: Reviews what Jesus said about the Beginning of Sorrows
Notes: With a cursory examination of the three rapture theories

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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Ep 04 | "Is the Coronavirus cover for the rapture?"

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: Is the Coronavirus Cover for the Rapture?
Plot: Exploring the possibility the Coronavirus is an elaborate cover for the rapture
Notes: Turns out only one or two things must happen first!

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Ep 03 | "Are we in the last days?"

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: Are these the last days?
Plot: Kicks off my new podcast series on the last days
Notes: This episode addresses the practical questions where do I go and what do I buy?

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Ep 02 | "How Bible Symbolism makes the story of the crucifixion even better"

Author: Tom Freedom
Title: How Bible Symbolism makes the story of the Crucifixion even better!
Plot: I believe creation shared a heart attack with our creator

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Ep 01 | "Where are the calls for repentance?"

Author: Tom The Revelator
Title: Where are the calls for repentance?
Plot: This message questions our response to the Coronavirus
Notes: Why are we leaning on vaccines and science to solve our problems?

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